Nuclear Energy Conference 2022

Nuclear Energy Conference 2022

Conference presentations

What Prevents Nuclear Energy Development in Europe?, 18. 5. 2022

[pdf, English] How to achieve climate neutralitySimon Müller, Director Germany, Agora Energiewende

[pdf not available, English] Technology choices for the cheapest energy mix of the futureFelicia Aminoff, energy transition expert, Bloomberg New Energy Finance

[pdf, English] Recent experience of Dukovany tender participants – Stephen Thomas, Emeritus Professor of Energy Policy, University of Greenwich, London

[pdf, English] France's nuclear plans versus realityYves Marignac, chief expert on nuclear and fossil energies, Institut négaWatt

[pdf, Czech] Can Czechia tackle natural gas cut-off without new reactors?Petr Holub, energy consultant, Budovy 21

[pdf, Czech] Hidden costs of nuclear powerOldřich Sklenář, analyst, Association for International Affairs Research Centre

A recording of the entire conference, including the discussion in Czech: